AMT 1:3200 Star Trek Romulan Warbird D'Deridex-Class Model Kit AMT1125

Product code: 13-1CC4-EIC4

Product information

With peace established with the Klingon species, the Romulans became the Federation's greatest rival and their flagship spacecraft would be the Romulan Warbird. Referred to in its native tongue as the D'deridex class, it is a massive ship at over 1300 meters. This release of the popular enemy ship features a dome base and new window decals. Glow in the dark engine options are included to achieve an onscreen effect.


  • 1:3200 scale, Skill 2, paint and cement required
  • Molded in gray
  • New packaging
  • Length: 324mm
  • Full color decal placement guide
  • Authentic decals featuring Romulan crest and white windows
  • Precision fit and detail – great for first time glue modelers
  • Dome base with metal rod support

Technical specifications

Product Code 13-1CC4-EIC4


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