Eaglemoss Star Trek Bust Collection Worf Bust

Product code: XQ-YBFV-68IC

Product information

Worf is the son of Mogh, and a Klingon raised by humans after his parents were both killed by a surprise Romulan attack at Khitomer. He is also the first Klingon officer in Starfleet, though most other Klingons shunned his choice of duty. Worf considers himself a Klingon at heart despite being raised by humans, and studied the ways of his people. His mannerisms, personality and great sense of honor would classify him more Klingon than human. Your Worf Bust is accompanied with a fact-filled magazine about the honorable Worf including his history, adventures, character development and relationship with other characters of Star Trek

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Product Code XQ-YBFV-68IC


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