James Ryman Dark Jester Lamp Nemesis Now B3111H7

Product code: 9I-CGB1-VU4M

Product information

From the dark imaginings of world-famous Gothic and Fantasy artist James Ryman, this alternative lamp is beautiful. One leg slightly in front of the other, as if walking slowly towards you, this young woman is dressed in a red and black Gothic jesters costume. In a red and black diagonal checked miniskirt held up with a black spiked belt and a skull belt buckle, under it she wears white tights and a white undershirt, both diagonal checked on her right side. Her top ends above her midriff, and is red and black striped with a black heart on her left. Topped with a white ruff collar, her hair is tied in pigtails and is red on her right side, black on her left, held in place by small skulls. She hold a red and white cane, topped with a grinning skull in a red and black jesters hat. The background is also chequered red and dark red, as if a tent at some dark Gothic carnival. With an aura of mystery, darkness and danger, this lamp is perfect for those who enjoy dark jokes.

Technical specifications

Product Code 9I-CGB1-VU4M


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